Client: Sandymark Construction

Value: €3,704,000

Construction of approx. 2km of a new 9.0m wide distributor road and the realignment of 200m of the existing R120 road, incorporating 3 nr. 30m dia. roundabouts, one of which was situated in the public road, by means of traditional road make up and ground lime stabilisation methods of construction. 

The works involved extensive earthworks which involved deep reduced level excavation and rock breaking, resulting in large volumes of material having to be handled on site and re-used when possible. The balance of which was disposed off site in licensed landfills. 

The works also included the installation of all associated foul and surface water drainage, attenuation systems, watermains, ESB, Eircom, public lighting and CCTV Ducting, the construction of public footpaths and boundary wall treatments incorporating block wall and ornamental railings. 

Other works also involved the installation of temp. traffic signals, public lighting lamp standards, the construction of ESB sub-stations and the realignment of 680m of the Griffeen river which included the installation of 110m of box culvert sections.  Other works also involved the provision of road markings, signage and anti-skid surfaces.

 During construction, a detailed traffic management plan was developed and implemented to minimise the disruption to traffic flow without compromising the health and safety to all concerned.  For the majority of this time during the road realignment element of the works two-way traffic was a requirement.