Client: esker lawn cemetery limited

Recent Project

Liffey Developments are acting as a main contractor and PSCS on this project.

The overall site is 2.7 hectares. It is a brownfield site that includes fill material. There are some contaminants on approximately 0.4 hectares of the site. It requires approximately 12,300 cu.m of material to be excavated, screened to remove and dispose of the contaminants. Following the removal of the contaminants approximately 1,875 cu.m of topsoil capping is to be imported and overlaid on part of the site. The screening of the material will be undertaken by mechanical means and by hand.

 Works include:

  • Site set-up;

  • Site clearance;

  • Fencing / hoarding of the site and works compound;

  • Excavation of the fill material for screening and removal of contaminants;

  • Backfilling in the screened soils (undersize material) into the excavation void;

  • Disposal of waste materials;

  • Importing and overlaying top soiling;

  • Final site clearance and demobilisation.