Client: Bord na Móna

Value: €2,950,000

Liffey Developments were acting as a main contractor and PSCS on this project.

The remediation works were carried out under a Section 55 Notice issued from Laois County Council following a European Court Ruling (C–494 / 01) against Ireland dealing with the issue of illegal landfill.

Works included:

  • Site Investigation
  • Site security – Hoarding / C.C.T.V. Installation
  • Topographic Surveys – Pre - Excavation / Pre - Restoration / Post Restoration
  • Demolition of Existing Infrastructure
  • Surface / Ground Water and Leachate Management Works (558,000 litres removed from site)
  • Bulk Excavation 6.0m deep (23,000m3 excavated)
  • Soil testing and analysis & Construction of waste segregation areas
  • Hazardous Waste Excavation / Treatment and Removal From Site (38,700 tonnes removed from site)
  • Environmental Monitoring & Management (Water / Dust / Noise / Odours
  • Site Restoration (53,500 tonne imported fill material)
  • Design and Implementation of Post Restoration Drainage Works
  • Decommissioning of existing wells and Leachate wells
  • Boundary treatment and planting